Feb 26, 2015

Five Common Web Design Portfolio Mistakes to Avoid

Untitled For a graphic or web design student, creating a show-stopping online portfolio is one of the best ways to grab the attention of future clients. Your resume will only get you so far – your portfolio is what will get you the interview. As such, it’s important to spend a bit of time and care […]
Jan 4, 2015

Why Web Designers Should Be Blogging

Are you a web designer with an active blog? Chances are that you have a website that showcases your portfolio of work and a resume, but do you have anything beyond a static site? For web designers to grow their customer base and actively engage in marketing services to new clients, it is imperative that […]
Oct 16, 2014

Lacking Confidence? 5 Ways to Put Pride Back into Your Web Design Practice

You majored in web design in college because you heard it was a high-demand field. Plus, you’re pretty good at it and you find true joy in creating something spectacular.But, now that you’ve graduated and entered your own practice, you’re wondering where all this “demand” is. You’ve started questioning your talents and aren’t sure if […]
Apr 1, 2014

What Poker Can Teach You About Good Web Design

There are a lot of things that we can learn from playing poker that we can associate with creating a good web design. The process of calculating the probability of opponents’ moves is similar to the application done during website optimization (or A/B testing), where you view the possibility of your website’s success based on […]
Feb 25, 2014

Tips for Earning Spare Cash in Between Freelancing Gigs

making-money-freelance The market may be strong for freelancers at the moment, but any independent contractor in the web design industry has slow periods. To help ensure that you can pay the bills until that next lucrative contract comes along, you might want to think about trying out one of these other money-making ideas on the side. […]
Feb 12, 2014

Ten Superb Free Websites Every Designer Should Know About

ten superb websites for learning for designers Web design is an interesting thing to learn for everyone. If you have a quench or curiosity for building your own website, then it is necessary to learn the skills of web design. In this article, I’ll provide a whole list of the best websites which can help you become a skilled web designer. As […]
Dec 6, 2013

Web Project Management Tips for Freelancers

project-management-tips-for-freelancers As a freelance web designer, when you agree to work on a project you will generally have to fulfil all of the roles of a larger team. Freelancers must not only complete assignments, but manage their own work load at the same time and follow up with invoicing and accounting procedures. One of the benefits […]
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