Apr 1, 2014

What Poker Can Teach You About Good Web Design

There are a lot of things that we can learn from playing poker that we can associate with creating a good web design. The process of calculating the probability of opponents’ moves is similar to the application done during website optimization (or A/B testing), where you view the possibility of your website’s success based on […]
Feb 25, 2014

Tips for Earning Spare Cash in Between Freelancing Gigs

making-money-freelance The market may be strong for freelancers at the moment, but any independent contractor in the web design industry has slow periods. To help ensure that you can pay the bills until that next lucrative contract comes along, you might want to think about trying out one of these other money-making ideas on the side. […]
Feb 12, 2014

Ten Superb Free Websites Every Designer Should Know About

ten superb websites for learning for designers Web design is an interesting thing to learn for everyone. If you have a quench or curiosity for building your own website, then it is necessary to learn the skills of web design. In this article, I’ll provide a whole list of the best websites which can help you become a skilled web designer. As […]
Dec 6, 2013

Web Project Management Tips for Freelancers

project-management-tips-for-freelancers As a freelance web designer, when you agree to work on a project you will generally have to fulfil all of the roles of a larger team. Freelancers must not only complete assignments, but manage their own work load at the same time and follow up with invoicing and accounting procedures. One of the benefits […]
Nov 11, 2013

Giveaway: 3 Templates from TemplateMonster

It seems you love contests and giveaways, right? So, it’s time for another giveaway at Student Guide to Web Design! TemplateMonster is giving away 3 premium templates from their store. All you have to do to get a chance to win a WordPress theme or a Joomla template is visit TemplateMonster’s official website and tell us […]
Nov 8, 2013

Does a Web Designer Need a Business Card? Definitely

business-cards-for-web-designers There is no official statistic for how many business cards are printed in this country every year, but Right Stuff of Tahoe, puts it at about 15 billion. With many of those ending up in the recycling bin or at the back of a desk drawer, what worth do they have to today’s web designer? […]
Oct 23, 2013

Zyma is Giving Away 5 Free Hosting Accounts

Zyma is teaming up with Student Guide to provide you another chance to win a free hosting account for a whole year. Follow the instructions below to enter. The main features of the hosting accounts include (a full list of features can be viewed here):  Unlimited Web space  Unlimited Traffic  Unlimited Email Accounts  Unlimited SQL […]
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